Saturday, August 02, 2008

State of the Classroom

The classroom is beginning to feel like it's coming together. Thank goodness since the kids have been there for a week already. They've got book boxes, for all the books they're reading during independent reading time. Our calendar is rolling, although just barely. I haven't quite figured out how to transition into it each day. I've got to iron that out this week. Our meeting area is pretty set. It's a tight fit when we're all there, but the rug is colorful, we've got the easel, the chart stand, the Smartboard, and the word wall. What more could we need. Finally, we've got a Thinking Spot for those students who need a moment to pull themselves together.

These parts of the room, however, are still in a serious state of disarray. Hopefully I will find the time this week to get them in order. The library will be organized by the students (at least, I hope so) over the next few weeks to a month. The listening center and the computers are up to me. I just haven't felt the urge or had the energy to tackle all the wires. It should be noted that my husband began the process with my computers. Also, it looks impressive that I have 3 computers, but only one is really usable. Two of them are Waterford computers with a phonics program my students are required to use.


Anonymous said...

yeah! its much better,

Tracey said...

I love your meeting area. Your computers look as old as ours. I had was stolen when my room was broken into at the end of last year and one is on it's last leg. I can feel your pain.

Michaele Sommerville said...

Yep, it's looking like first grade! Good job!

When my students come in first thing each morning, they hang up sweaters, backpacks, put away lunch boxes, etc., then go to their desks to do a "paper" thing....tracing, coloring, cutting, patterning...something on paper. The morning announcements come over the intercom as I'm taking attendance, doing hot lunch count, etc., and then after the Pledge and after the kids have had five minutes or so to catch up with one another, I ring the bell, they put their papers away (they can be finished at home, it's not a paper they need to complete before moving on for the day) and all come to the carpet for a story and to do the calendar. I'll have the fast students help me sing a countdown song (counting backward from 10 to 0 or something) to encourage the other students to get to the carpet area before we reach the end of the song (some kids are pokier than others), and away we go! After the story and calendar activities are done, we sing a favorite song or recite a rhyme or play Simon Says, and then I introduce our next activity as I have them all there watching me. I am then able to excuse them to whatever is being done next. The routine stays the same each morning, so it becomes a much more smooth transition over time!

Have you observed in another first grade class before to see how the teacher moves through the daily schedule?

Mrs. Johnson said...

Subbing I saw teachers do calendar time in the morning and right after lunch. I did it in the morning. I found that it was a good time to discuss the day and get the day started.

Anonymous said...

Waterford is great. I love it, especially for my low kids. Don't sell it short.