Thursday, August 13, 2009

Walk This Way

It hit me today that this year's class is able to walk down the hallway so much more quietly and under control than last year's class could do. That's a big positive for the start of the year.

On the other hand, the big negative is that I've never had so many students who regularly pick their noses and a couple who often touch themselves.

It makes me yearn for the days of struggling to walk down the hallway.


Unlimited said...

4th grade connection: I have a pick & eat in my class.

The Girl said...

Ok, ew to the pick and eat.

I have several finger up the nose kids, but they don't pick (yet)--just wander around with their fingers in their noses, usually both fingers--one per hole. Those who don't have their fingers up their noses must pee every seven seconds, even if they just came out of the bathroom. I must wonder if they just LIVE in the bathroom at home. My teammate has a whole choir of farters. I'm not sure which of us has it worse. :P