Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reason #829 Why I Love My School

I've got a student who is pushing me and I'm failing in my responses to her. She's made such progress since pre-school, but that isn't helping me as much as one might hope.

I've started the paperwork for child study/local screening to get some help because I'm at a loss. But that's a long process. It will be a month before we meet.

So, I pulled together my own 'child study' committee. I sent emails to some fabulous primary teachers and asked if they would be willing to meet with me to talk about this little one. One morning, in the brief half hour we have before kids arrive, three teachers sat down with me to brainstorm about this child. It was fabulous.

These are teachers with their own classrooms, their own students, their own responsibilities. However, they were generous with their time and energy. They had brilliant ideas and we've been trying some new things. I feel so lucky to work with such amazing folks.


Sarah said...

When we collaborate, we all win :)!

rissa zimmerman said...

I love your initiative! I am certain a meeting like yours would help me even more so than the Instructional Support Team in my building! Thanks for sharing, you're inspirational.

Steph H said...

thanks for sharing this experience. I love hearing about teachers who really care about their students. Too many times you hear about the few that need to refocus on why they teach.