Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Big Bad Teacher

The last few days of school are always crazy. This year is no exception. I've had quite a list of things to finish or accomplish before the end. Today we did a big piece.

Weeks ago my students read several versions of The Three Little Pigs. After reading them the students recorded the setting, characters, main events, complication, and resolution. From that, they worked together to plan their own story. They chose to write The 17 Little ExploreOrrs and the Big Bad Teacher. I was so impressed with the story and the creativity and cooperation needed to write it, that I wanted to make a movie of it. However, we got into other things in writing and time got away from me. Now, with only a few days left we managed to make it happen.

I explained to the students that we would take pictures and then narrate them for the movie. I read their story to them again and had them think about how to stage the pictures. Immediately they were on top of it. Their ideas were awesome. They could see it.

I did have to ask them who would be The Big Bad Teacher. They all hollered, "You!" I agreed and then asked who would be the real teacher at the end. They all hollered, "You..Ohhhhh." Then they decided it should be another teacher we've worked with this year. I said I didn't know if she was available right then but I'd check. As I was looking for her office number one student said, "You could wear something different."


I pulled out our dress up stuff and grabbed a hideous hat and a boa. I put on my old denim jacket and the kids said, "Take off your glasses!" They had the idea. Off we went.

The result is their first movie.


Sue VanHattum said...


The Science Goddess said...

I love it! Their voices are delightful and such fun pictures and stories.

Guess the girls didn't want hair on their chinny-chin-chins.

Just wait 'til they hit 40.

Ceciliakrug said...

Hi, nice video with your students... I saw your post- twitter- and I was curious about your video, I liked very much and I think some simple things can be so interesting and nice in the classroom.

Scott said...

Terrific! What a fun, cooperative project. (And a great result)

Mary Lee said...

What a great story! Good for you for finding time to honor the students' work by creating this great video! Perfect work for the end of the year!!!

Ginger Snaps said...

This is so stinkin' cute! I love it!