Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ISTE 2010 Presentation

We (myself and two other fabulous teachers from my school) are presenting at ISTE in about 8 hours. We are discussing the real world application of web 2.0 tools in K-5 classrooms. We have a delicious site with links to the examples we are sharing.

I'm really excited about it, but it also signals the end of the fun. We're heading home early tomorrow afternoon.

I miss my daughters and my husband greatly. Still, I'll be sad to leave. Not sad to go home, but sad to leave ISTE. That may not sound like it makes sense, but it is perfectly clear to me.

This has been five days of jam packed fun, thinking, and some chaos. Hopefully I will manage to make some time to seriously reflect and post some thoughts.

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David H. Wilkins said...

I'm really embarrassed to post this, but (shameless plug), did you consider when preparing your talk? We've been flying under the radar (mostly in Alabama) for the last year, but will be ready for the big time by this Fall.

I'm going to take a look at your delicious site. Also, do you have a link or copy of the ISTE 2010 presentation?

Feel free to E-Mail david at if you have any questions.