Monday, January 24, 2011

It Gives Me Hope

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about one of my students who lost an infant sibling. My heart is still breaking over all the sadness for the family. Dad lost his job, the car was repossessed and they're grieving. It feels like all I can do is keep teaching this little darling and try to spend as much time together as possible. It's not much.

However, as a school, we are trying to do more. Several of us attended the funeral service. Our counselors are supporting the children of course, but they are also meeting with the parents to try and help them get the support they need for their emotional challenges. Grocery store gift cards and things for the kids (toys, books) are being delivered. Without anyone asking, people are donating money to help them pay their rent.

I am reminded, yet again, at the absolute fabulousness of the people at my school.


teacherninja said...

It is much, the time you spend with her. I'm glad your school os full of good people.

Mandy's Memories said...

I have achild in my class that went through the same thing the week before Christmas. His 3 day old baby sister died, they have no money, no car, he has missed 30 days of school and is already going to fail. Sad sad situation. Praying for this child and the family.

Sarah said...

Wow.... how great it is when we all pull together to support one another!!!