Friday, October 14, 2011


This little guy seemed so shy at Open House the week before school began. He practically hid behind his mom and sister. Mom said that he wouldn't be so timid when school started. She was mostly right.

I would not describe him as shy. He loves to be with the other kids, talking, playing, running around. But he's still seems a bit shy when it comes to academics and school conversations.

I picked Corduroy for his name because friends are so important to him and because he often seems to be living in his own little world. It's not rude behavior in any way. It strikes me as being like the behavior I often saw in gifted students in the upper grades. He's in his own head and quite engaged there. He seems totally unaware of all that is going on around him.

My job is to figure out how to make our classroom as engaging for him as whatever he's got in his mind. I think he'll have a lot to offer our discussions once I can manage that.


LiveLoveLaughTeach said...

I am currently doing my internship in a second grade class. I have a student who is very much like "Corduroy", he is extremely bright and is working very hard at his academics. He is an ELL student and has not always had the support he need to succeed but I have made him my special project and since I have helped over the past few weeks he has blossomed as a learner but at times he seems to be all over the place and in his own little world and in his own mind. I have really enjoyed reading your blog! Thank you so much for all the inspiration and thought.

Jenny said...

LiveLoveLaughTeach, Thank you for the kind words. I hope you and your little 'Corduroy' have a wonderful time during your internship.