Tuesday, February 07, 2012

EduCon Encienda (Again, I Know)

I wrote before about my Encienda presentation at EduCon 2.4. I'm posting it again, mostly for myself. This was the third Encienda I have done at EduCon and I have greatly enjoyed them all - which is why I keep doing them. It seems I'm the only person crazy enough to do so however, as it resulted in an award from Tim Best (SLA teacher) and Jeff Kessler (SLA student).

Somehow the structure of the Encienda is something I have found to be great fun. Having been able to watch this one (I didn't have video of the previous two) I'm already planning for next year's. I have noted some weaknesses and have thoughts for how to improve it. I don't have a topic yet, but I have ideas about the structure.

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