Thursday, February 16, 2012

Little Things Make Me Happy

This is an absurd topic for a blog post but it has made my life so much better and me so much happier I had to share it.

I hang a lot of things on the wall of my classroom. This year, they have all been falling down. I'll come in, especially on a Monday morning, and find numerous things on the floor or halfway there. It's drives me insane and costs me a lot of time as I rehang and rehang.

Another teacher, a first year teacher no less, mentioned earlier this week that how I stick my rolls of tape makes a difference. If I stick them so that the roll is parallel to the wall it will stay better. The theory is that if the tape starts to pull, it won't pull downward and so won't fall.

I was skeptical, but so far so good. I just retaped one thing (the fractions chart above) and walked over in great annoyance. Then I noticed that the tape on it was going the other way. All the other charts I put up this week have remained. That one was taped before I got the tip. If you don't have this problem in your classroom then this probably seems silly. If you do have or end up with this problem in the future, you'll be so happy to have this tidbit of knowledge.

By the way, don't you love the blue wall? It's another thing that makes me so happy. It's not a small thing though, it took me a few days to paint one summer!

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organized chaos said...

No way. That is brilliant.