Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Such a Lovely Kurd

Dear. Ms Orr
Dik. you. for. the kurd
I. hop. you had a good wekn 
This will likely hang up by my 'desk' for the rest of the school year as it makes me so happy for so many reasons.

A little darling brought this to me yesterday morning as a thank you for a postcard. (I try to send postcards to my students throughout the year saying how proud I am for something they did. I mail them to the children because I know the parents will also see them but it's so fun for kids to get mail. I sent my first batch of the year out last week.)

I love that she wrote me a thank you note. In multiple colors. With lovely decorations. On special paper. We don't see that much of this sort of thing at our school. It is wonderful.

I also love all the awesome things she's doing as a writer here. She has so many words she knows how to spell (dear, you, for, the, had, a, good). That's a great list for a beginning first grader. Then she clearly listened to sounds in other words (kurd for card, hop for hope, wekn for weekend). She has periods throughout her writing here. They aren't used correctly but she knows they should be there and she's trying them out. She's on her way to using them properly. I can also tell she reread this because she noticed she had forgotten the Ms. in my name and added it in later (in blue so I'm guessing after she had written the last line).

Honestly, something like this with all its wonderfulness can get me through some really rough times in the classroom.


Jill Fisch said...

What a nice note. I love the idea of sending postcards at various times of the year. Great idea!

Miss Angel said...

I love how you take what loks like a little kid's mistake-filled note, and point out the genius in it!
My new job is in a first grade classroom, so I'll be reading this blog in a whole new light!

Jenny said...

Jill, I don't know why I started sending postcards but it is one of my favorite things to do now. I love when a student shows up at school and greets me with, "You sent me a card!" as if I might not have known!

Angel Read, Congratulations! That is wonderfully exciting. I look forward to continuing to read about your little darlings this year.