Saturday, January 26, 2013

Educon Encienda

Today at Educon were most of the Encienda presentations. These are 5 minute presentations with slideshows of 20 slides each, auto-advancing every 15 seconds. This is the fourth one I've done and I love it (for reasons I have not been able to identify yet). Here is my slideshow and I'll upload video of the Encienda when I get a chance. (My dad wants to watch it. No one else has to!)

My big idea is to try to see through children's eyes before making decisions that impact them.


Andrea said...

Would like to see the video... It's hard to interpret the slides without your words! Sad that I didn't make it to Educon this year.

English-Polish military said...

the presentation is great, however, I think I miss a lot for the lack of words, of yuor intents expressed clearly. The video would be great.