Thursday, February 07, 2013

New Book Discovery

I read a lot of blogs about children's literature. A lot. Some really fabulous ones. As a result, I'm often the first one in my school to know about or have new books.

So color me surprised this morning when we went to the library and our phenomenal librarian read Chloe and the Lion to my class.

I'm not familiar with Mac Barnett but I've greatly enjoyed some of Adam Rex's previous books.

This one is brilliant. The author is there in the book and the author and illustrator end up arguing. The main character has to step in.

I'm not doing justice to this book. Not by a long shot. The kids laughed out loud. I laughed out loud. Our librarian and I exchanged looks many, many times throughout as we enjoyed humorous tidbits that the kids completely missed.

One of my students suggested this would make a great play. He's totally right.

So, where were all my kid lit friends on this one? Did I just miss it? Or is no one talking about it? Did no one else find this book fabulous?

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