Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Friday in First Grade

Bowling Truck FJ
Thursday and Friday we got to go to the Bowling Truck. (This is the back of an 18-wheeler which has been converted into one bowling lane.) There is nothing quite like a full class of first graders taking turns bowling, cheering each other on (chanting names), and dancing to the blaring music. Normally I wouldn't spend two days of my planning time with my kiddos but I couldn't pass up the chance to watch this and take my turn bowling.
Lion Writing
One of my boys wrote this. He is fascinated with animals and knows a lot about them. I think he also knows a lot about gender.
Santa Hat

Yes, this was yesterday, a day in April. I have no idea why this little guy wore a Christmas hat on April 25th (although it is the 25th so...). He wore it when he came in, then put it away for the morning and got it back out for recess and lunch. He then put it back away until the end of the day. I never said a word about it. Because this is just normal in first grade.
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