Sunday, August 10, 2008


I survived my first Back to School Night as a primary teacher last week. As the event began there were five parents (out of 19 students) in my classroom. My phenomenal co-teacher and I looked around with a bit of disappointment, but smiled and moved forward. She sat down in a child's chair to be out of the way as I made sure the welcome videos from administrators and school board members was loud enough. A few minutes later she had to get up because the chair she was sitting in belonged to a boy whose father arrived. She moved to another table and sat down. Not five minutes later that child's parents arrived. She stood up and moved off to one side of the room. I quietly walked over and told her to sit somewhere else so more parents would arrive. She chuckled and chose a new seat. Again, that child's father arrived. She moved again and again the child's mother arrived. It was amazing!

By the time the evening was over we had the parents of thirteen of our students there. One other came the next night for his older child's Back to School Night and was very apologetic for missing ours. It was a wonderful experience.


Mrs. Johnson said...

That is funny!

Tracey said...

Great! I guess I should try that! Usually I don't get many that show up!