Saturday, August 09, 2008

Overwhelmingly Grateful

I haven't managed to post anything in the last week for a variety of reasons. As a result, this post is long overdue. Switching from fifth grade to first was more terrifying and exhausting than I had expected. The support of my teammates and other friends at school has made a huge difference, but I knew that would be true. I've been at that school for ten years and I know how wonderful everyone is.

I was astounded by the encouragement and support from my online network. I haven't had nearly the time for Twitter as I have in the past. However, there have been tweets that have made my day. Thanks so much to sfern, KarenJan, jomamava, timstahmer, coordinatortwo, and gever.

Every comment on my recent posts has been heartening and helped me get through each day. Some have been from other teachers in my school, splatypus, jm, organized chaos, snippety gibbet, or my district, kgd. Others have been a part of my personal network for some time now, Michaele, Stacey, Amy S, Doug Noon, and Julie Pippert. Still others are fairly new or brand new to me, dcowart, egretsnest, Veggie Mom, greenisle13, teresa, teacherninja, Ms. Mize, Mandy, teach5, and Tracey.

Finally, a couple of other bloggers have had posts that have helped. It's been a personal example of the power of the network. Tracey's post actually references back to one of my posts from last year in fifth grade. Tricia's post gives me more credit than I deserve, but is greatly appreciated.

Again, thank you so much to all of you who have offered advice, encouragement, or simply come along for the ride. It has made all the difference.


Tracey said...

Thanks for the shout out! We start back officially on Monday with meetings and then kids on Tuesday! Wish me luck!

teacherninja said...

Thanks for the mention but I'm just glad to help. My first year was so horrible I knew I'd either quit in disgust or laugh at the absurdity of it all and see what came next. I had only the support of my wife who'd already been teaching. I had no other support whatsoever. I think that's why I blog, because even though I now have a bit more of a network now, I'm still not one to hang out in the teacher's lounge. I'm just lucky to have laughed off that first year and gone on to better things. Here's hoping your blogging continues to help you through this challenge.

Michaele Sommerville said...

You are so welcome, and thank you in return! I always find it a good balance, knowing what I know, and looking at primary grades again through fresh eyes, such as yours.

I go back tomorrow. I'm baking Kissing Hand cookies today, ironing a week's worth of clothes, and making "thank you" banners for my new colleagues on my kindergarten team. I've even posted blogs in the queue because *something* tells me I will be too pooped to type this week!

Hugs to you as you go into your next week with Fabulous First Graders!