Friday, March 27, 2009

The Joy of Children

We have some folks in our building today doing Junior Achievement activities with our first and second graders. They are very brave.

In the morning they asked my students, "What makes a family?" The first child to respond said, "When our mothers don't have babies, they ask strangers to be in their families." He continued on about how that changes after the mothers have babies, but I missed some of it due to attempts to control my laughter and write down what I had heard.

This afternoon the volunteers were having the students look at map symbols and identify them as wants or needs. As one prepared to show an ice cream cone he said, "I'm sure this is something you will all want." My little prince, before seeing the picture, yelled, "Attention!"

I was impressed with his knowledge of self there.


ya ya's mom said...

glad you read my blog, i so enjoy reading yours!

Katie Dicesare said...

I agree that the volunteers (usually parents in my case) are brave! Kids will be kids and I love 'em for it. Not knowing what each will think or share helps me wake up and teach each day.