Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't Ask Questions if You Don't Want to Know the Answer

I sat in our team meeting this morning aware that there was some teasing comments and quiet giggling about something I had completely missed. I don't like to be left out (I figure that sort of personality flaw helps me better understand my students).

After the meeting I couldn't help myself and had to go and bug another teacher to find out what was causing all the rumblings.

Yesterday a first grader brought a condom to school.

I have no more details than that, except that it was discovered because it was being passed around. I don't know if it was open, but I hope not. I don't know if the child discovered it hidden away and knew it must be exciting or if she had it for less innocent reasons. I have no idea if she has any idea what a condom is. So many questions.

As a result, I feel slightly uncomfortable making jokes about it, but they pop to mind so quick. I want the whole thing to be innocent so that I can joke guilt free.


Megan Frances Abrahams said...

The problem is - you don't know that you don't want to know the answer - until it's too late.
Funny post about being bossy. That's why it's often futile to have a book with an underlying message.
Must be fun teaching kids.

madelyn said...

(From the comments challenge)
I want to respond to EVERY ONE of your posts. On condoms in first grade: Yep, sounds right. I remember a boy named Chris brought one onto the school bus. He blew it up like a balloon and we batted it around until we got to elementary school, and some fifth grader had to explain what it was to the rest of us as we got off the bus. On being bossy: I read a bossy book (not this one; I think one of those Franklin books) to my son a few years ago. When we were done I said: Well, did you learn anything? And he said that he had.
Me: "What?"
Him: "You're really bossy, Mommy."

Still thinking on the coin.
Oh, and I love your pigeon project.

Alien said...

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