Friday, January 08, 2010

Open Eyes

I love getting to know other students during intersession. I also enjoy the break from my own students. However, sometimes I get to see something completely new in kids I know well.

I've got one of my own little darlings this week. She is a hard worker and my amazing co-teacher works with her in reading recovery. She is always raving about this little one. While I am glad to hear such news about my little darling I haven't seen such quick learning in quite the same way in the classroom.

This week we looked at two-dimensional shapes for a couple of days. At one point students were discussing shapes based on the number of points each has. This little darling could not accurately count the points. She and I worked together on several shapes practicing. Throughout the rest of the morning she would bring shapes to me and show me how she counted the points. It was great!

Today we are using three-dimensional shapes. The kids are tracing the faces to try and create a net (pattern) to build their own. It's a challenge but they are working hard. My little darling has noticed that these shapes also have points. She has counted them for me. Accurately! I am amazed.


Teacher Tom said...

You've inspired her, Jenny.

Kelly Polark said...

One of the best things about being a teacher is seeing the light bulb go off!
I taught grade school before becoming a stay at home mom. I'm easing my way back into the educational realm by subbing now.

Playing by the book said...

Hello Jenny,
I've found you via the Comment Challenge :-) Do you know the book Once Upon an Ordinary School Day by Colin McNaughton and Satoshi Kitamura - it's a gorgeous book about a teacher getting to know his students, and perhaps you might enjoy it. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.