Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Book Club Practice Run

Last month I wrote about wanting to start a book club for first and second graders. I then proceeded to completely drop the ball for weeks. So, we are on to meet next week for a practice run, just my daughter and a few of her friends. We're reading Gooney Bird Greene, thanks to suggestions on that previous post.

Now I'm back with a new request. I want to structure this book club meeting with some talk about the book but also with some activities. Any brilliant ideas for activities we can do with Gooney Bird Greene? Thanks!

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Jill Fisch said...

Hmmm... Not sure exactly what you are looking for but here are my ideas. If you are looking for fun or silly, you could dress up in weird outfits like Gooney Bird does in the books - tutus, polka dots with stripes, pajamas, feather boas, and so on. For a more serious (but still fun) idea, you could tell or write stories in the style of Gooney Bird - outrageous but interest grabbing titles (that sound like lies but end up being true), lots of detail, personal experiences, surprise endings, etc.