Thursday, July 29, 2010

Legos, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Education

Thanks to all the Lego fun at CMK a couple of weeks ago we've become a family obsessed. We've collected a ridiculous number of Lego pieces of all shapes and sizes from ebay, craig's list, and the Lego store. We've already built a robot with our Pico cricket set (from craig's list).

Today we decided to head into Washington, D.C. to the National Building Museum for their Lego Architecture exhibit. We'd never been to this museum and it was a wonderful experience.

The Lego exhibit was small but astounding. It was a collection of buildings made from Legos, including the World Trade Center, Fallingwater, and the Empire State Building. Adjacent to these creations was a space full of Legos and room to build. Folks of all ages were hard at work creating and a city had been growing on the tables all day.

There were quotes and fun facts all around the space. (Our six year old had more fun reading these than she did with any other aspect of this exhibit.)

This Frank Lloyd Wright quote struck me. I've long admired his work and this quote did not surprise me at all.

Today, however, it struck me in relation to education. We are constantly trying to design curriculum, schools, lessons, etc. before we've met the people who will be using them. How foolish of us.


Scott said...

Jenny, your application of that quote to education conjures up all kinds of thoughts in my head. I need to think a while now. Great observation!

Chris Prout said...

This is more about LEGOS, but have you heard of Nathan Sawaya, The Brick Artist. I saw one of his shows "The Art of the Brick" in Midland, MI this past summer and was amazed. Here's a link to his site: