Saturday, March 05, 2011

Benefits of Outside Observers

Several weeks ago some folks came in to video tape a lesson in our classroom. There were things that went well and things I would change given the opportunity. That's not surprising.

After everything was over, my student teacher remarked that she wished people came in to video tape everyday because the kids did so well.

My thought is that it might not be the kids who did so well, but me. Their presence in our classroom likely meant that I was my best self. I can't be my best self everyday, but how do I manage to increase the percentage?


teachermum said...

You certainly have given food for thought.
The answer lies in the fact that you asked the question. Because you asked it, you will naturally have better days. Wouldn't it be wonderful in our profession if every day was perfect?

And if all else fails... set up a pretend video camera?

Launa said...

I love this question. I have noticed the same thing in myself, that tendency to pull out the stops when I have visitors, and it gives me pause. I also need to videotape more--thanks for the reminder.