Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just Like Lincoln

This picture was taken by one of our kindergarten teachers around President's Day (maybe on that day since we had school to make up a snow day). In case you can't read it, their hats say, "Under my hat I would keep _________." As her class marched down the hall I remarked on how darling they were and she emailed me this photo. The little one striking a pose was attempting to look as much like Lincoln as possible. If he had a few more feet of height I think he'd be a match!


teacherninja said...

Teachers are always coming up with diabolical headgear to make their trusting students wear, aren't they? Heh heh.

Jenny said...

Jim, So true! Of course, as I am married to a historian I'm grateful when the headgear is historically accurate. My priorities are a bit odd I have to admit.