Monday, March 26, 2012

Continuing to Reflect

Reflection is something I think about a lot. In fact, you might say I reflect on the topic often. Or not, if that's too painful for you.

Going through the National Board process ten years ago was where (I think) I really started doing serious, critical reflection. Working with preservice teachers for the past twelve years has strengthened the habit.

This morning, along with Lois Groth, a professor at George Mason University with whom our school works with our preservice teachers, I presented about reflection at ASCD's national conference. Lois has done a ton of fabulous research and I've tagged along, reading what she suggested. We surveyed teachers, preservice teachers, and teachers working with preservice teachers. Working through all those surveys was fascinating to me.

We're still reflecting on this, and likely will be for quite some time. Our presentation and notes are posted here in case you are interested. If you have thoughts, questions, ideas, really anything to share about this, we'd love to hear it.

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