Wednesday, March 07, 2012

VCTM in Roanoke

Anyone going to VCTM in Roanoke, Virginia this weekend? I'm headed down tomorrow evening for two days full of math fun and learning.

I'm co-presenting with one of our pre-service teachers on Friday at 11:15 about using technology to support math learning in the early grades. Then, after lunch, at 1:30 I'm presenting on the patterns of thinking and their importance in math.

I'm not sure I'll know anyone at this conference, aside from all our pre-service teachers, so if you are there, let me know!


Kassia said...

Can't wait to hear more about this conference. Would love to hear how your session went, and what interesting sessions you went to!

Lisa2 said...

I am a teacher in Roanoke, VA and I have no idea what VCTM is. Sorry I missed you!

Jenny said...

Kassia, I have a lot of fabulous notes and the best of intentions to write about my reflections. Thanks for the push!

Lisa, I'm so sorry to have missed you! The teachers at VCTM from the Roanoke area were fabulous and I loved all the conversations I had there.