Sunday, March 18, 2012

Geeky Family

Today my family indulged in some serious geekiness. Parson Weems (biographer of George Washington and originator of the cherry tree story) owned a house not far from where we live. It is currently on the market. Actually, it will be auctioned online in a few weeks. Of course, we can't possibly afford it but we jumped at the chance to visit during an open house.

 Our oldest daughter (a 3rd grader) has been working on a report about Martha Washington so she was quite excited to visit a home at which George and Martha had stayed. (We haven't taken her to Mount Vernon yet. Apparently we aren't that competent of parents.)

My husband has posted some great shots he took today as well as his thoughts (he's a college history professor).

The home is really gorgeous and full of beautiful touches (scalloped shelves, stonework, sloping ceilings). I'm sure it would be a major hassle to take care of such a house but it was fun to walk through and imagine living there.

They will be auctioning many of the items in the house separately and I hope to watch that closely. Maybe I can snag a bedwarmer or pictures of George and Martha, just a little piece of history for my home.

I knew very little about Parson Weems before today's trip to his home. Honestly, I had always pooh-poohed him as one who lied in his biographies of Washington and set up myths that have withstood centuries. I found him irritating. After today's venture back in time I'm more forgiving of him. He seems more human and less of a caricature. It's amazing how a personal connection can change one's feelings so much.

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