Sunday, July 15, 2012

ds106 Audio Assignments

I spent a good portion of one day working on ds106 assignments, just sitting at my computer, thinking, planning, searching, recording, rejecting, and trying again. Somehow, just sitting in that way was rough on my back and by dinner I could barely walk. (I've had lower back problems in the past, but usually for more justified reasons.)

That evening I created a ds106 radio bumper and focused on pain, not shockingly. I opened with an odd monster sound, just because it seemed like an interesting opening and it showed up when I searched for pain. Then I used a sound that was created to simulate someone falling down the stairs. I think, in context, it sounds more like a door opening. Finally, I ended with some maniacal laughter.

Another audio assignment I attempted was the One-Man Play. This was one of the first to catch my attention and I knew immediately what part of which play I wanted to use: the opening moments of Tom Stoppard's Arcadia. It may not be a play many folks know, but it is one I love, especially the opening. Stoppard writes brilliant dialogue. The down side to that is I am no actress so I do not do justice to the words. I did have fun trying to make myself sound like both a 13 year old girl and a 22 year old man.

I didn't add much beyond my voice. The scene takes place in Thomasina's home, during a lesson with her tutor. I added a bit of pages turning as the two were working and some pen writing.

I'm still working on the Suess It assignment but Audacity and I are not getting along well at the moment. I'm trying to copy and paste some sounds but when I paste, nothing seems to happen. It thinks it did, because I can 'undo paste' but that's not impressive when the sound isn't there. I haven't given up yet but at the moment Audacity is winning.


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