Sunday, July 01, 2012

First Graders with Cameras

The 2011-2012 school year has been over for two weeks now and I have a bunch of notes in Evernote beginning my reflections and prep for next year. There is a lot more reflecting to do.

Before that happens however, I wanted to share my latest work with I've written previously about our field trip to the Tidal Basin and the pictures my students took there. The amazing folks at went along with us on the field trip and then joined us when we made the video back in our classroom the next week. They then edited this into a series of four videos illustrating the work my students did. 

Watching these videos I am so impressed with my students. They are six and seven year olds using cameras thoughtfully and well. I'm less impressed with myself and have a goal, yet again, to do less of the talking with my students.


Miss Angel said...

That is awesome! I love giving kids cameras and seeing what they decide to photograph. I hope I can try that someday with a class.

Jenny said...

Angel Read, I look forward to hearing of your adventures with your class in the near future!