Saturday, July 21, 2012

SNAP Challenge

I've got a ridiculous number of tabs open, many because I wanted to do some more thinking about them or share them. Of course, sharing them requires that I stop to reread and think about them. Hence the still open tabs.

One is Joshua Malina's tumblr. A couple of weeks ago he took the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Challenge. For one week he ate on the average food stamp budget of $31.50 per person per week and wrote about the experience. His family did not join him, although they seem to have been quite supportive. Personally I can't imagine eating for an entire week on so little money.

From this experience he seems to have found that on such a budget fruits and vegetables were unlikely to be affordable, water was about all he drank, and he didn't have dessert. I would guess he also dealt with being hungry more often than normal.

Sadly, that is normal for a lot of people. I have a lot of respect for Joshua Malina for trying this because I can't do it. Instead I'm doing the least possible and spreading the word.


Sue VanHattum said...

I'll do it. I haven't decided the week yet, but I've posted on Facebook. I should pick a week when I can write a lot.

luckeyfrog said...

That's a cool challenge. I've never heard of it, but I think I might like to try it! Thanks for sharing.

Luckeyfrog' Lilypad

Jenny said...

Sue & luckeyfrog, You are better women than I. If you manage to do this, please write about it. The more people who have exposure to this reality and understanding the better.