Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feeling Like a Real Writer

This year I've been writing posts for teachinghistory.org. My most recent post is Making Technology Work for Primary Students. There will be a couple of posts following-up on this one. I'm enjoying this opportunity to write in a different way and with a (somewhat) different purpose. The site is quite good and they've got some wonderful teachers writing for them across the grade levels. (Spoiler alert: Apparently the fabulous Diana Laufenberg has just joined the team.)

The first couple of posts I wrote were focused on accuracy in teaching history in the primary grades - specifically around Columbus Day and Thanksgiving.

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Thank you for your nice comment! So cool you used to play on a cruise ship- my husband and I are cruising over spring break and LOVE the music on the ships- esp. the piano bars!

Thank you for reading! I will be popping over to visit you, as well! :)

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