Friday, February 11, 2011

Loving Writing

Yesterday and today we had large writing celebrations at school. We do this every year around Valentine's Day to celebrate our love of writing. We've had to make it two days because our school has gotten so large (we don't have enough parking to have parents from the whole school visit).

In our first grade classroom we've worked hard to plan and write a book, revise it (make it sound better) and edit it (make it look right). By yesterday everyone had a book to share. We decorate the room and hallway, set up a stage (a coffee table) and read our books! About half of our class had family members here to share the joy. After everyone reads we have cookies and juice and the chance to really look at each others' writing.

It's a very exciting day for first graders, if a bit exhausting for their teachers. I recorded all of them reading and you can watch them on our class blog, if you feel such an urge.

To keep the excitement going we've put a poster up in the hallway. One side of the poster asks, "What kinds of writing do you do?" The other side is available for friends to share comments about our writing. I've left markers and the students' books on our coffee table under the poster. I'm hoping people will slowly add their thoughts and we can keep learning about writing.

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