Sunday, June 10, 2012

Daily Creates

It's not much, but I've managed to do the last four Daily Creates for ds106.

On Thursday the assignment was to take a picture of something that you are envious of (physical or metaphorical). I snapped this shot at recess that day. This little girl is not in my class (although I do know her and adore her) but was outside when we were and amazed me on the bar. It may not be clear but she is hanging upside down with her legs away from the bar. The strength and balance were what I envied!

Friday's assignment was to tell a story about your most random job. Mine can be heard at this link or below.

On Saturday I had to download PhotoShop's 30 day trial and test it out in order to take a picture of the oldest building near you; use filters to make your photo look even older. I really don't know what I'm doing with this but it was interesting to try. I took a picture of the, now closed, Lorton Prison. It opened in 1916 so I figured it qualified.

Today's effort doesn't impress me but it does prove that I'm thinking about the Daily Create all the time. The assignment was to take a picture featuring rope or knots. During our weekly family fitness class (an absolute blast) we used ropes with a partner. As soon as the exercise was being modeled I grabbed my camera and got a picture of my husband and younger daughter working together. I cropped it down to focus on the rope.

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