Friday, June 10, 2011

Brief Learning Interlude

This morning our four year old noticed this small rainbow on the harp in our living room. She pointed it out to my husband with great excitement. He asked her what she thought was making it and she looked around and decided it was the window on our front door.

To test her theory, my husband held up his hand near the harp so that the rainbow showed on it rather than the harp. Then he walked slowly, keeping the rainbow on his hand. Our daughter followed him, watching his hand intently. After a few steps he neared the door and they agreed that it was coming from this window.

The entire event took only about three minutes. It happened as our older daughter was putting on her shoes and I was gathering all of my things. It was a tiny part of our day and one that our daughter will likely forget pretty quickly.

It struck me though. To me it illustrated the ongoing ways we interact with our girls, ways which I hope will help them love to learn and continue to do so on their own. It took very little effort but I think the payoff is huge.


Sarah said...

I KNOW the payoff will be huge :). Science in action: I love it!

Miss B said...

It's so funny that you posted this! I just wrote a blog on rainbows. I'm teaching elementary science until the end of the year and then will be switching back to a classroom position... check the post out

Miss B, Busy Bee

Launa Hall said...

I love this story, and I think my favorite part of it is knowing that you have a harp in your living room. :)