Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Group Hug

Our last day is done. The kids loaded up their backpacks, hugged their teachers, and flew out of here. There was shouting, laughing, and crying. Smiles and tears. Excitement and fear. Joy and sorrow. The last day of school is nothing short of amazing.

One of our traditions is to have all the adults in the building (at least the ones who don't have duty getting the kids out safely) line the exit of our school and wave as the kids all leave. We stand on both sides and wave at walker, cars, day care vans, and buses. Mostly we say goodbye!, have a great summer!, don't forget to read!, see you next year! But we have to mix in some put on your seatbelt! too.
It's a wonderful way to end a year. A joyful, loud, chaotic goodbye with everyone together. One school, one community, one family.

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