Monday, May 14, 2012

Field Trip Movie

We finally did it! We made a movie using what we learned on and about our field trip. Our movie talks about the four men whose monuments and memorials we saw. The first three, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and Martin Luther King, Jr. are in the order in which we visited their memorials. George Washington was added to our movie because the students took a lot of great pictures of the Washington Monument, although we didn't get to visit it.

Every picture in this movie was taken by a first grader. They organized all the pictures so that they made sense and matched up to the order of our trip. They also planned the narration (with a bit of support).

The best moment in the process was in our discussion of FDR. He is not someone students study in first grade typically and his contributions are a bit challenging for them to understand. When planning the narration, one student suggested, "He helped other Americans because they didn't have food." I pushed a bit and asked why they didn't have food. We had talked about people not having jobs so I was hoping we could get to that.

The girl looked at me a bit blankly and then said, "Because food hadn't been invented yet."

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