Sunday, May 20, 2012


Teaching elementary school means I teach all subject areas. I'm no expert in them although I do try to keep learning.

Science is the area in which I feel the weakest. Reading Doyle helps me with that at least a bit. He's also recommended books that have helped me grow in my understanding.

While I remember very little about science from my courses in high school and my one year in college, I have read Richard Feynman's books over and over again since then. My father owned them and, at some point, I bought my own copies.

I love his comment at the beginning here about guessing (and not laughing because it's true). It took me back to an idea Doyle mentions often, that kids need to observe. We tend to set up science experiments so that they illustrate specific things. Why don't we just let kids observe, wonder, and guess about the world around them? They naturally want to do so.

I think one reason is that doing so would require we know a lot about science - or are willing to say we don't know and learn together.

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