Thursday, May 10, 2012

More On Our Field Trip

On our recent field trip to the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. my students carried a bunch of digital cameras and flip video cameras. Usually during the school day I carry one of each around in the pocket of my lab coat, just in case a moment happens when I want one of them. For the field trip I gave out every camera I have, including those two. I had intended to charge my personal camera (the one I carry around in my purse at all times - I'm starting to think I have a problem) but I completely forgot to do so. As a result, I took pictures during the trip with my iPad. (I'm not proud of any of this but it is what it is.)

Here you can see a few of the kids with cameras. This is inside the Jefferson Memorial.
We had lunch outside the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. It was a stunning day.
 This was our view during lunch. That's the Jefferson Memorial across the Tidal Basin.
 I think I have a lot to learn about taking pictures with the iPad, but I'm glad I had something!

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Kim Sloggett said...

I LOVE the pics and videos your kids made in DC! I'm coming your way June 6th and will be in DC until the morning of the 10th when I go to Colonial Williamsburg for their Teacher Institute. Is there anything I shouldn't miss as a librarian other than the LOC? Any great bookstores or other geeky/librarian type places to go? You can read my blog at

Lainey Sloggett