Wednesday, September 28, 2011


About half my class had a really rough time during art yesterday. So for the first part of indoor recess those little munchkins joined me on the carpet to write apology notes to the art teacher.

That amount of writing is a bit much to ask of beginning first graders but I felt it was important for them to do it. So I wrote Dear Ms. H on the easel for them and told them I would write any words they needed for their letters. But I didn't tell them what to write. (I did refuse to write I, for, am, and such high frequency words but talked with them as they listened to the sounds. Spelling wasn't my biggest concern here.)

I was thrilled with the words they asked me to write. There were even more after I took this picture. I felt they had really thought about what to say.

They reached a high bar with this one. It was a quick reminder to keep the bar high.


Miss Angel said...

Thats awesome! That also proves that they really FELT sorry and weren't just scratching out a generic "sorry" note to get the job done.

Sarah said...

Good for you and for them! I bet Ms. H appreciated those notes too - hopefully next time they'll be able to go out and play instead writing apology notes - 2 great lessons in one ;)