Thursday, September 22, 2011


I haven't read a Pippi Longstocking book in a very long time, but this kid is just like I think of Pippi being. That may be amazingly inaccurate as to the Pippi in the books, but she makes me happy the way I think Pippi would.

I had her older sister a few years ago and adored her. I was thrilled to see this little one on my class list. She's nothing like her big sister! I'm amazed at how different siblings can be. (As I have two daughters who are quite different this shouldn't be so shocking.) That said, I adore her just as much as her sister.

She's full of energy and always on the move. She struggles to sit still but she's eager to learn and be a part of everything. Pippi is almost always smiling or laughing. In fact, in twelve days of school I don't think I've seen her upset once. She gets along with all the kids and is thrilled to see her teachers from last year.

Pippi loves to talk. She wants to share about everything in her life and she loves to hear about others' lives. When she is in a leadership role she is totally on. There is a ton of potential in this little one.

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Sarah said...

And she is cute to boot! I know exactly what you mean about students reminding you of book characters... I have a kindergartner this year who is Junie B. Jones in the flesh!!! :)