Monday, September 05, 2011

New (School) Year Resolution

Inevitably I start every school year with a bunch of resolutions. Very rarely do any of them manage to last past the end of September.

So, this year, I'm starting with just one. For the first few weeks of school I'm going to blog about a different student* everyday. I will be writing, for myself, about all of the positive qualities I'm seeing in each student.

My kids are just six when they come to me and they are full of excitement, energy, and potential. Sadly, as the year goes on I often lose sight of that and get easily frustrated by their sixness. Focusing on all the positives in the first few weeks of school will help me see them all in the right light and be something I can refer back to later in the year when I need a reminder.

At this moment (just fifteen hours before the first day of school begins) I have nineteen students. I plan to write about my students on school days. I want them to be fresh in my mind when I write. So it should take me the first four weeks of school to write about each and every one.

I think it will also be interesting to look back in the last month of the school year and compare my thoughts about these kiddos.

*I will not use their real names, of course. In fact, it will be fascinating, to me at least, to see if the nicknames I choose for them when I have known them for such a brief period of time still seem fitting in a few months.

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