Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dot Day!

Last Thursday was Dot Day. I'm a bit late in writing about it. We did have a blast.

We used Big Screen Books to read The Dot several times leading up to the day. When the day finally arrived we made dots in several ways.

First, we created faux tie-dye dots. I cut up white t-shirts so that each student could create at least five dots. They attached their dot to a cup with a rubber band and drew dots on it with sharpies. Then they used a dropper to put rubbing alcohol on it. Slowly the rubbing alcohol bleeds the colors on the top. It makes for lovely dots.

In honor of Peter H. Reynolds we also water painted some dots.

In the afternoon we stamped some dots. We used the eraser end of pencils to stamp dots in math. Each student had a paper with four numbers on it (between 3 and 25) and they stamped that many dots. When they finished they were able to stamp pictures with the erasers.

I hope my students continue to make their mark all year!

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