Monday, September 19, 2011


This little friend, with the fabulous smile, joined our class a week into the year. His first year of schooling, last year, was done in another country so I'm sure this has been a huge adjustment for him. He was born in the US and lived here for the first few years but lived last year with family in his parents' home country.

I've chosen George as his name here because he reminds me of Curious George. He is always looking around, taking everything in. He opens things, touches things, checks everything out carefully.

He wants to be doing the right thing all the time. He asks me frequently if he is doing well. He doesn't seem worried about it, just wants to confirm that he's on the right track. So far I haven't done a very good job of harnessing his curiosity and eagerness to do well. These are fabulous qualities in a kid.

He has adjusted so well to a new classroom and a bunch of new kids. He seems to like everyone and they enjoy having him around. Given what a difference this must be from what he has known I am utterly impressed with his ability to become a part of the group so quickly.

I expect George to be a natural leader in our wonderings this year. He has much to teach his friends about how to learn and much to teach me.

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