Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Snapshots from the First Day of First Grade

  • My shock at what first graders are like at the beginning of the year. It took the first hour for me to get over that and convince myself that these kids will be just as quick, sharp, and independent as last year's group by the end of the year.
  • "Now the fun's going to start!" said as we got going on indoor recess (which is just a chance to draw and color).
  • Six year olds staggering in under the immense weight of an absurd amount of school supplies.
  • Eighteen first graders rushing around sorting said supplies and helping each other out.
  • Being asked, countless times, "What's that?" about just about anything in the classroom.
  • Seeing kids choose different places to sit all the time as they tested out the various tables and spaces in our classroom.
  • The difficulty remembering where we stop as we walk down the hall - we did it on the third try!
  • A few kids who don't know their last names (made finding them on the lunch number list of all first graders a bit challenging).
  • Complete and utter, sheer exhaustion at the end of the day. I mean fall down, totally done kind of tired. And we'll do it all again tomorrow!


Mrs. Spalding said...

It's good to hear the same thing coming from another First Grade teacher! They'll get there right? It's always tough starting back over when at the end of the year your classroom works so well and independently :)


Dahlia said...

Hilarious!! I was shocked at how small the Third Graders were...really shocked! Then I reminded myself that they're always tiny at the beginning of the year! And yes, I am wiped out!! I wanted to take a nap on the rug at the end of the day!

Jenny said...

Mrs. Spalding - I think I may have to remind myself that they'll get there for at least a month. It seems like such an unrealistic goal at the moment. But, in many ways, that's one of the beauties of first grade. They make such immense progress over the course of the year. Thankfully!

Dahlia, I didn't notice this as much at fifth grade as I do at first. Of course, a year in a ten year old's life is a smaller percentage than a year in a six year old's life. My oldest just started third grade yesterday and she seems so old to me. I hate to think how she'll seem by the end of the year!

Aimee Cotton Bogush said...

Sounds perfect! LOL! Have a great year, Jenny and class!