Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog Tour and Free Book - Next Friday

As I mentioned previously I will be a stop on an upcoming blog tour. The book, Math Exchanges, was written by Kassia Omohundro Wedekind and published by Stenhouse.

I'm the final stop on the tour. Kassia will be answering questions at Catching Readers Before They Fall with Pat Johnson and Katie Keier on October 3rd. She will be at Our Camp Read-A-Lot with Laura Komos on October 4th. Then on October 5th she'll be with Cathy Mere at Reflect and Refine. Finally, she'll join me on October 6th. I mention these other blogs not only because they are wonderful, although they certainly are, but also because a copy of Math Exchanges will be given away at each stop on the tour. (If you already have a copy of this book Stenhouse will send you any other Stenhouse book.)

I'm greatly enjoying this book and revising my thinking about how I will teach math this year. It's got me really excited about possibilities for meeting students' individual needs and knowing what they each know. I feel there aren't enough thoughtful books about math and that is especially true when thinking of books about math and young children. I'm asking our librarian to order copies of this for our professional library and I will be recommending it or specific pieces of it to colleagues frequently.

If you have any questions for Kassia about the book or about math and young children, leave a comment and I'll pass them on.


Kassia said...

Thanks for hosting Math Exchanges on the blog tour, Jenny. Looking forward to it!

Sarah said...

What a fun opportunity! I'm not teaching math this year and I kind of miss it ;)